Welcome to explore our unique family of Nordic virgin fibre containerboards


Our semi-chemical fluting for a superior performance

AvantFlute SC is our semi-chemical fluting produced in Heinola, Finland. Production at the Heinola Fluting mill was started in 1961 and continuous reinvestments has made it remain one of World’s leading SC fluting mills.

AvantFlute SC is our Semi Chemical fluting made from Nordic virgin fiber. It has been developed especially for demanding circumstances and tough requirements endured over long periods of time. When packing and transporting delicate goods like fruit, vegetables and other food products as well as products for heavy duty, our customers select and trust in AvantFlute SC from Heinola Fluting Mill. 

AvantFlute SC offers superior protection and creep resistance during long and cold transports. It keeps in shape while being exposed to moisture and cope with great variations in temperature. Transporting fruit from the jungle, crossing oceans and make the goods arrive fresh in store, is the type of challenge AvantFlute SC meets and overcomes, every day.

Clean, hygienic – and environmentally friendly

To achieve a high microbiological purity, the main raw material used for our AvantFlute SC is primary fiber. This means that AvantFlute SC is a clean and hygienic product, perfect for food packaging. Food can be put into direct contact with the packaging with absolutely no risk of contamination.

The use of primary fiber also means that the material is renewable and recyclable – in other words, it’s as good for the planet as it’s good for your business.

Excellent runnability

AvantFlute SC customers have great productivity demands. Therefore dependable runnability and uniform fluting quality is of nearly equal importance as the strength properties. Extensive product testing and tuning on Stora Enso corrugators, has given us the experience to perfect the material properties for efficient operations.

An excellent runnability on your packaging machinery is guaranteed by the constant use of the AvantFlute SC at our own converting plants. This means that all the parameters of the material have been fine-trimmed for efficient use with packaging machinery.

Our modern kraftliner with natural toughness and character.

AvantKraft Brown is our range of Nordic brown kraftliners, developed especially for those end uses where strength, purity, moisture resistance and excellent printability are needed. Varkaus Mill in Finland started to produce AvantKraft Brown in November 2015 after the mill converted its fine paper machine to produce high quality virgin-fibre-based kraftliner. Varkaus was an ideal mill for this kind of conversion. It had an integrated pulp mill, a power plant and a suitable paper machine. In addition, the mill is well located from a raw material supply point of view and it had the necessary infrastructure and competence to run the project successfully.

AvantKraft Brown is an optimal choice for many applications demanding consistent performance both in terms of strength and cleanliness. AvantKraft offers superior protection and creep resistance during long transports, keeping in shape while being exposed to variable conditions.

It is made for branded packaging solutions for retail applications like fruit and vegetables and direct food contact segments where the purity of the material is essential. The strength of AvantKraft Brown also makes it a great choice also for industrial packaging and heavy duty applications.