Packaging for industrial equipment & components

The packaging market for industrial equipment is characterized by increased complexity of global supplier networks and longer transports for components for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Low cost market competition forces OEMs to form new strategies and invest in innovation within product development, new business models, branding and sustainability. Another growing global challenge is piracy products causing lost sales for brand owners.


Industrial equipment value chains are increasingly global and characterised by complex logistical setups.

Manufacturing companies seek to manage cost by several measures including sourcing strategies, rationalising their portfolios and reducing working capital.

Increased problems with counterfeit components and products, tampering and refilling of original products has negative effects on perceived reliability of products and brands.

How packaging can help

Smart structural design can reduce complexity, reduce packaging volumes and increase transport efficiencies. Using smart corrugated inserts, products are better protected during transport and the packing process and unboxing experience for the customer can be improved.

Corrugated packaging is a sustainable, cost- and weight-efficient alternative to wooden pallets or walls commonly used in the segment.

Intelligent packaging enables effective proof of authenticity and anti-tampering protection. It can also be used to create traceability throughout the supply chain and reduce complexity.

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