The value we bring to customers

The right packaging can enhance sales, reduce total cost and improve the environmental performance of a product. To create the best solution that adds value beyond the box, we learn more about our customers’ products and business goals to correctly assess the purpose of the packaging.

Solutions to increase sales

We offer experienced packaging designers, DesignStudio workshops, material selection and a range of printing and special effects capabilities

Our solutions made a customer increase sales by 40 % through an innovative and functional packaging design

Solutions to reduce costs

We offer expertise in packaging automation, packaging design for right-weighting, modern lightweight containerboards, software for optimizing palletisation and technical services

Our solutions made a customer decrease costs by 11 % when using the right machinery, reducing the number of packaging SKU:s, integrating packaging design in the supply chain and optimizing materials

Solutions to improve sustainability

We offer materials made from virgin fibre and recycled fibre that can help reduce your environmental footprint through less transportation space, lower material weight and by replacing fossil-based with renewable materials

By replacing a plastic tear tape with a smart perforated solution, our designers helped a customer reduce the weight of plastic used per year with more than 1 300 kg for one of their SKUs

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