Packaging for electronics

Today’s connected consumer is powerful and can easily compare products and prices on the transparent and very competitive retail arena. It is also one of the segments with the highest rate of online sales. Physical retailers are consolidating to regain power on a fragmented market. Online retailers have grown substantially in power and share of wallet. Maintaining efficient and effective logistics throughout the value chain is key, as supply chain costs represent a significant part of the total cost.


As increasing numbers of consumers conduct their electronics purchases online to benefit from the ease of making comparisons and free home delivery, price pressure on manufacturers and retailers continues to intensify.

Driven by consumer behaviours and technological developments, the speed of new product development has increased significantly. The number of available products and variants at any given point in time increases constantly.

According to Forrester, more than 50 % of all retail sales in Europe will be impacted by the web by 2020, either as actual online sales or cross-channel, where the consumer conducts online research and completes the purchase instore.

How packaging can help

Efficient packaging automation can be an important competitive advantage – to prepare a quick launch or re-launch strategy and be first to market with a new or improved product, but also to achieve cost efficiencies in production and logistics.

Fast, flexible and automated pick-and-pack solutions can be just as important for brand owners to be efficient on the online markets as well as achieving a premium unboxing experience at home.

Consumer electronics packaging is emerging to be the first impression and touchpoint between the brand owner and consumer. Therefore the packaging acts a strategic tool to build customer loyalty and branding.

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