Packaging for food

Private label is growing at the expense of traditional brands forcing brand owners to adopt innovative strategies to stay ahead and this is also affecting grocery brands. Private label and A brands are expected to be winners at the expense of B brands. Brand owners can use a variety of strategies to stay ahead of private label including working with branding, promotion, product innovation, packaging innovation and pricing. Packaging in all its roles like primary, shelf-ready and display-ready can play a role in all of these.


Retailers gain more power as markets mature and retailers consolidate, e g in Finland and Sweden. In emerging markets, e.g. Russia, brand owners have a relatively strong position but the trend is negative. In all markets, showing value for money is key to stay on the shelves.

The growth of online retail is a game-changer in grocery retail, as it opens a completely new competitive dimension. Retailers, online operators and other players have to adapt to the new requirements of online-tailored solutions, such as safe, tamper-free food handling while addressing complex logistics challenges.

Retailers and brand owners fight for the consumer’s attention at point of sale, where packaging design is key. Secondary packaging will grow in importance as a brand vehicle and spur further investments in high quality printing and differentiating designs.

How packaging can help

With a holistic view on packaging materials, design, palletisation, storage and packing process, brand owners and retailers can integrate packaging into their pricing strategy and thereby demonstrate more value at a lower cost.

Online packaging design requires careful selection of packaging materials, inserts and structural design that can help reduce damaged goods and food waste.

A shelf-ready or display-ready solution makes it easier for store personnel to replenish products, while saving manual labour costs for the retailer and adding shelf standout for the consumer.

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