Solutions built on innovation

Innovation is one of the foundations of our business. We innovate together with customers and our customers’ customers to create solutions that satisfy their needs and add value in new ways.

Market & Consumer insights

We share our view of the future of packaging through our Viewpoints. We have published Viewpoints focused on packaging for the Food, Consumer Electronics, Retail, Online and Dairy sectors, as well as on packaging for Millennials. Here, our customers learn how they should act to turn packaging into business opportunities. For example, we have the capabilities to conduct consumer research using eye-tracking studies to test and create the most consumer-friendly packaging designs for our customers.

Design development

At our ten DesignStudios in Europe and China, our experienced designers develop the packaging solutions of tomorrow using proven methods and tools. The combined experience across our markets includes packaging designs for brand owners and retailers across virtually all sectors. To co-innovate and co-develop new solutions, we organise more than 150 design workshops every year together with our customers.

Material performance

We create corrugated solutions using modern lightweight containerboards to optimise packaging weight and performance throughout the supply chain. Stora Enso is at the forefront of material innovation through the introduction of Micro Fibrillated Cellulose (MFC) in our board materials, in order to add value with unique properties to strengthen packaging performance.

Intelligent Packaging

Stora Enso is developing intelligent packaging solutions based on RFID technology to add intelligence to packaging through connectivity and data. We offer end-to-end solutions to engage consumers, protect brands and help customers improve efficiency in supply chain management.

For a complete analysis of your packaging needs, we’ve created the DesignStudio. In this creative environment we work together through every aspect of your packaging with the purpose of finding the perfect solution.